Evening Makeup

The ability to captivate with your appearance, the talent to attract admiring glances, to enamor the opposite sex in an instant, and to draw attention to your best features — all of this is achieved through evening makeup.

Unique Approach and Distinctive Looks

Our creed is to develop non-standard approaches for each client, especially in such a personal and delicate matter as makeup.

A comprehensive team effort by makeup artists allows us to create an evening look that emphasizes exclusively your positive and strong facial features while discreetly concealing what you don't intend to showcase.

We always take into account the lighting conditions of the place where you plan to shine. Our image maker will consider the type and intensity of the lighting so that your appearance literally shines in the best possible light.

We also consider your chosen wardrobe, accessories, jewelry, and hairstyle. These are all complex factors that only a true makeup professional can evaluate and take into account.

Don't forget about personal preferences: matte or shimmering eyeshadows, playing with shadows and light, soft or sharp transitions—everything will be done just the way you want it. The makeup artist will offer several options based on their experience and your requirements.

We Know What's Trending: The Best from Europe and Hollywood

In the world of fashion and beauty, there's nothing constant. Trends in the beauty industry confirm this—almost every week on the red carpet or the runway, you can see something new, unusual, and exclusive.

Our specialists closely follow European fashion trends, adapting new trends to the requirements and desires of women. The result is a unique synergy of an authentic style and global trends.

You can be sure that your evening makeup will be equally effective, original, bright, memorable, and at the same time, individual.

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How Does the Procedure Work?

The time required for the master depends on the complexity of the task at hand.

Evening makeup is a comprehensive procedure. The average duration is 1 hour.

  • Consultation: You communicate with the specialist, who assesses your skin condition and inquires about the desired result.
  • Cleansing using professional products, milk, and toner. Preparing the skin so that cosmetics adhere perfectly.
  • Moisturizing the skin, as it will undergo a serious test.
  • Applying the base.
  • Applying premium-class cosmetics from world-renowned brands. Everything—from mascara, eyeliner, foundation to lip balm and lipstick—is quality-checked by us.
  • Fixation to ensure you feel comfortable in any situation that may arise during the evening.
Prices for makeup
Daytime makeup 120 zł
Cocktail makeup 150 zł
Evening makeup 180 zł
Special occasions' makeup 250 zł
Extra lashes 15 zł