Wedding Manicure

What should a wedding manicure be like? Nude, French, or glamorous? It all depends on the bride's look, her dress, bouquet, and accessories. Modern brides, when choosing a wedding outfit, do not limit themselves to white or pastel shades, often complementing the attire with bright details - embroidery, a contrasting belt, or other embellishments. And the manicure should correspond to the chosen style.

Popular designer solutions of the current season

  • French manicure for a wedding is a classic choice. If the bride's outfit is in snowy white tones, such nail design will be the perfect finishing touch to the look. You can add decorations in the form of patterns, rhinestones, or bows.
  • A lunar manicure is based on the French style, but the crescent at the base of the nail is not painted over.
  • Nude manicure in pastel shades will look perfect on short nails. To prevent the calm color from appearing dull, the master can always add bright colors in the form of an avant-garde pattern on two or three nails.
  • On the contrary, a French wedding manicure is different. In the usual French design, the tip of the nail plate is painted white, while in the reverse French, it's the crescent at the base of the nail. It suits hands with long slender fingers.
  • Ombre in pastel shades. Gentle color transitions in three or more shades are very popular again this season. Moreover, it has become fashionable to have the entire wedding in pastel shades, so it's appropriate to paint the nails in the tone of the main color of the design.
  • Glamorous wedding manicure with rhinestones. This year, it's considered trendy to use additional volumetric details in nail art - rhinestones, gloss, relief elements. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. It's better to use only one addition - a few sparkling accents or mysterious glittering will make the look romantic and unforgettable.

The question remains - where to get a wedding manicure? The answer is obvious: of course, with an experienced master at our salon. The result will exceed all your expectations!